Power Scrub Egg Washer - Model II

The Commercial Egg CLEANER Machine Designed by a Farmer for Farmers

The Model II Power Scrub egg washer is best suited for operations with 500 or more layers, and is suitable for those with egg production into the thousands per day. With high quality options, you can choose the egg washer setup tailored to your needs.

Standard Features




Wash up to 8,000 eggs per hour on the Model II and 1500 per hour on the Model I.


1-Person Operation

Central operating station for easy loading, candling, and packing.

Powerful 1/4 HP direct drive motors on brush shafts.

Low Maintenance

Stainless steel sealed bearings never need oiling. Low water usage.


Food Grade Materials

Constructed from food grade materials for the highest food safety standards.

Rust free

Rust free

All metal components are stainless steel or copper, meaning zero rust.


Variable speed

Control how fast your eggs move through the washer with the variable speed control.

“The Power Scrub is different from its competitors because it, number one, actually washes the eggs.”

Candling Made easy

The LED candler makes checking your eggs for imperfections incredibly simple. Just load your eggs on the candler and as they are inspected the conveyor will continue moving them through the washer. 


The LED candler is standard on the Model I and is optional on the Model II.

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