On a small farm in Dayton, Virginia, the story of the Power Scrub Egg Washer began. The founder of this egg-scrubbing machine was a dairy farmer and pastured-poultry egg producer, who was also busy raising a family of small children. As chores began to stack up, the small family found themselves looking for an egg-washer. They wanted a machine that was affordable, built to last, and cleaned eggs well. Unfortunately, they soon realized that what they were looking for simply did not exist — at least not within their price range — so Mr. Farmer sat down at the kitchen table and began to draw. As he brainstormed, he talked with other egg producers and asked what options and functionality they would like to see. Then he incorporated some of these ideas into his plans.

By the end of the winter, an egg-washer sat in the dairy. While it may have looked farmer-made, it washed eggs, and it washed them well. It wasn’t long before requests to build these egg-washing machines started trickling in from other egg producers. We spent the next 1½ years working on CAD drawings for a more professional machine. The first Power Scrub was sold in January of 2017. As a farmer-turned-manufacturer, our commitment is to build these washers with the quality and dependability the ag world demands. Our manufacturing motto is “Better to over-engineer than to under-engineer.” Therefore, the Power Scrub is built with materials that will not rust or corrode, resulting in a machine that will perform as well as you expect for years to come.

In 2023, the family owned and operated Westfield Innovations, a sub-division of Westfield Egg Farm in New Holland, PA, offered to purchase Power Scrub in order to bring greater manufacturing and distribution capacity. Still working closely with the founder on product development and sales, Westfield Innovations is proud to be the partner tasked with scaling Power Scrub products and production capabilities to help farmers on an international level.

Westfield Egg Farm and Westfield Innovations are committed to helping small family farms do what they do best as farmers, while assisting with bringing their products to market at a scale that many farmers wouldn’t be able to do on their own. As a multigenerational family farm, Westfield is keenly aware of where small to midsize family farms can use the most help, and we are on a mission to help these farms achieve their goals and beyond.

“The egg washer is one of the best time-saving machines we have bought. I was hoping to save labor with it but was skeptical about it until I used it the first time. It is amazing the amount of eggs you can run through it in a very short period of time.”
Luke Yoder
Shady Lane Family Farm

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