If your eggs are already relatively clean, turn up the variable speed to wash up to 3,500 eggs per hour.
With variable speed, you can go as slow as you need to in order to clean even the dirtiest eggs.
14 gallons per hour (approximately ¼ gallon per minute)

No. Considering the Power Scrub’s low water usage, the additional cost and challenge to filter the water means that reusing it is not practical.

The Power Scrub requires 240V / 20A electric service. (For no-electricity farms, air power is an option, using a DeWalt or Milwaukee battery to power the candler. We also provide line-shaft ready machines.)

"We like it overall. We use three people when running — one loading and candling, one packing off the belt, and a third packing cartons into cases, taping and labeling as needed, putting cases away, and getting cartons unstuck and fed into the packer. We can run with two people, but it is a lot slower. With everyone cranking we can do 1 dozen in just under 30 seconds. That is from walking into the processing room, setting up and running, to walking out with everything cleaned up. We usually run two or three hours at a time."
The egg washer at Red House Ranch by Power Scrub Egg Washers
Dave Mallula
Red House Ranch

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