“[The Power Scrub] is cost effective. Some of the other ones were $15,000 to $18,000. This price point of the Power Scrub is very realistic for medium to small-sized farms and will pay for itself in a realistic timeframe.”

Daniel Salatin
Operational Manager at Polyface Farm

Commercial Power Scrub Egg Washer Machines for Sale

Most Popular: Complete Washing Package

Complete Washing Package

$ 6,995 00
  • Cut to the chase and order our complete washing unit.
  • LED Candler
  • Turntable w/ Side Conveyor
  • Packing Table

Wash & Candle Package

Wash & Candle Package

$ 6,345 00
  • In addition to the base unit, add the candling system which is mounted to the loading runway.
  • LED Candler

Order a la carte

Base Unit

Wash & Candle Package

$ 6,095 00
  • Wash your eggs with this powerhouse egg washer, capable of washing chicken, duck, turkey, and goose eggs.
Fan option on a Power Scrub Egg Washer
To dry eggs faster, add one or two drying fans to any unit that has a turntable and side conveyor.



  • Add-on Options

  • LED Egg Candler $249
  • Turntable & Side Conveyor $895
  • Drop-down Packing Table $249
  • Drying Fan $249
  • 2 Drying Fans $498

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Complete Washing PackageWash & Candle PackageBase Unit

LED Egg CandlerTurntable & Side ConveyorDrop-down Packing TableDrying Fan2 Drying Fans

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“Overall we are very happy with the washer and believe that it will pay for itself in a couple of years… I would invest in it at 500 chickens or less. It’s easy to set up and isn’t too big, so it can fit in a variety of places. The machine is ready to use and clean up is easy so I can wash when I have the time - sometimes in 2 or 3-hour sessions and over the course of the week, I get all my eggs washed in 6 to 8 hours per week.”
Linda Quella
Q Farms in Sharon, Conn
Farm Show Magazine