Power Scrub Model 1

The Egg Washer & Egg CLEANER Machine Designed by a Farmer, for Farmers

Are you a small-scale chicken egg farmer? Are you tired of cleaning your eggs by hand with an egg washing brush? Are you seeking an egg washing solution that will both save you time and increase your farming profit? If you have an egg operation of 500 or less laying hens, an egg cleaner like the Power Scrub Model I Egg Washer may be just what you’ve been looking for!

Model1_1 with water connection


Variable speed for efficient cleaning of either heavily soiled or clean eggs.

Model 1 Side view with lid off

High Quality

Built from high-quality food-grade materials.

Model 1 sized web


Frame and body made entirely from stainless steel.

The Power Scrub I came into being due to customer requests. For quite some time we have had potential customers call in wishing for a washer, but needing more hens to afford our larger, more popular Power Scrub II. Now Power Scrub Manufacturing is pleased to offer our customers something to fill that gap.

This mini washer is a tabletop unit that takes up far less space than its counterpart. The Model I has candling capabilities, a convenient tray built in to catch the clean eggs as they exit, and of course, our famous variable speed drive. It also has the same rugged, durable construction that folks have come to expect from a Power Scrub, i.e. stainless steel body, fasteners, and bearings. Just like the larger Model II, this machine is designed to operate with little maintenance for many years of quiet efficient service.

If you are a small farmer in need of an egg washer and can not justify the Power Scrub II, we recommend that you take a good look at this mini egg scrubber.

The Power Scrub Cleans Eggs

Before After

The Power Scrub Egg Washing Machine Saves You Time


Food-Grade Materials

Made with stainless steel and HDPE plastic.

Rust free

Rust Free

Built with materials that will not rust or corrode.

Control box mounted at operator station for simple 1-person operation.

Variable Speed

Slow down for dirty eggs. Speed up when the eggs are cleaner.

Model I

Model I Only

$ 4,799 00
  • Wash up to 1500 eggs per hour with this smaller version of our Model II egg washer.

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